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Dementia Caregiver Support Groups

If you have ever felt alone in your situation, have been afraid to share too much with family or friends for fear of overburdening them, or wished there was someone to help guide you in your role as the primary caregiver for a loved one with a dementia, then a caregiver support group might be just what you need.

I have conducted caregiver support groups for the past 25 years and have found them to be immensely helpful. The purpose of these groups is to provide caregivers with professional guidance in dealing with the unique challenges presented by caring for a loved one with dementia and an opportunity both to receive from and give support to others in similar circumstances.

To ensure that participants are addressing similar problems, I form caregiver groups based upon the loved one’s level and type of dementia, (e.g., early vs late stage), &/or type of residence, (e.g, home vs nursing facility). Each new member is carefully assigned to the group that best matches their own situation. It is my experience that this approach not only facilitates communication between caregivers; it can help create lasting bonds between people who are working to support one another on this difficult journey.

As of September, 2016, I have 3 groups:

1- Early Stage Dementias (meets 3rd Thursday of each month)
2- Lewy Body Dementia (this group is closed at present)
3- Late Stage Dementias (loved one in late stage and in a nursing facility, (meets 1st Thursday of each month))

I currently have room for new members in the early and late stage groups.

Fee per session: 50.00

For more information, please call me at 281-813-7202

Robert E. Reichlin, Ph.D.