Robert E. Reichlin, Ph.D.

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Houston & Bellaire Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Robert Reichlin specializes in working with adults experiencing life transitions, difficult emotional states such as depression and anxiety, self-esteem and relationship difficulties, prolonged grief, and sleep disorders. He is particularly interested in the problems of emerging adulthood and middle age (“midlife crisis”). Dr. Reichlin has worked with problems of late adulthood since 1981 (geriatric psychology). Dr. Reichlin also assists individuals with work-related issues such as boundaries and effective leadership. He has maintained a private psychotherapy practice in Houston for over 27 years.

Calling a Psychologist: Psychotherapy and Change

It is not easy to call a psychologist. Most people feel some anxiety about taking such an important step. Some doubt that meaningful change can come from talking about one’s difficulties. In the end, most people enter psychotherapy despite their doubts because they are committed to feeling better and are unwilling to leave any stone unturned toward achieving their goals or finding a more adaptive way to live their lives. This is fortunate because we know a great deal about how to effect positive change.

It has been my privilege to witness, time and again, the power of psychotherapy to change how people feel about themselves, their relationships and their future. Psychotherapy can lead to improved ways of caring for yourself and others, working more productively, and finding hope even in difficult times.

I work with men and women of all ages to find solutions to getting their lives back on track, developing effective means to achieve a more open and enriched lifestyle with better communication skills, healthier self-esteem, and a sense of self-control over their lives. It all begins with your decision for positive change in your life.

I am interested in hearing your story. Take the first step. Contact me and let’s discuss the positive changes you want in your life.

Robert E. Reichlin, Ph.D.